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Hi, welcome to the Music Video Funimate Editor testing family

Funimate Music Video Editor will make for you awesome video clips !! and most fun video editor app for creating awesome video edits from your pictures and videos. funimate comes with great music and many awesome effects, so you can create cool videos with tons of different effects and amaze your friends. You don’t have to be an expert, funimate instantly transforms an everyday moment into a creative video. You can easily share the fun on Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or iMessage and amaze your friends.
This app is so cool it helps editing for musical.lys and maybe if your going to start a YouTube account you could use this app for a intro. Really great app and also fun and follow me on musical.
Funimate Music Video Editor is awesome almost better than But is hard to beat. This app is fun and spunky and let's people see each others personality threw the filters.
Is Great and fun app Almost better than Only problem is I wish there were some different filter options and more song choices.

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